5 things about being your own boss that nobody tells you


Being an entrepreneur is a dream, isn’t it? Burn those itchy black work pants and shirts in a sacrificial bonfire, and laugh in the face of your iPhone’s alarm setting, right?

How about vision-casting whilst swinging in your hammock, and frothy cappuccinos at your local café, surrounded by cute notebooks and your shiny laptop?

But… does being your own boss really look like that?

Well, maybe someday, but the reality initially is often a little, let’s say, less romantic. Here’s five little truth bombs about living the work-from-home life, from someone who has been a boss-mama for six years:

1.   Being your own boss means pressing against your comfort zone.

When you have your own business, you’ll have to do stuff that stretches you. Not everything will be easy online sales with no interaction, or creative genius that doesn’t require a little grunt work behind the scenes. You’re going to have to make the choice to do things that make you uncomfortable, or nervous, or are totally new experiences.

But, any successful business owner will tell you that pushing against your comfort zone is the ONLY way to create an incredible business – and, you’ll expand your world in ways you never dreamed you would before. Big girl pants on, and give it a go. You won’t regret trying.

2. It means practicing a little self-discipline.

Yes, you might be able to wake up later, or head to the café for some morning motivation every day…but should you? The siren call of Netflix stops many an entrepreneur from moving forward with their business.

So, you’ll need to learn a new skill: when it’s time to hustle, and then when it’s time to chill. The benefit is that you get so much incredible satisfaction from a day of achievement and momentum, and then you really can enjoy that glass of red at the end of the day.

3. You actually do get to choose what you want to do and when.

This is not a bad thing, right? Yep, that’s absolutely right, and I know this one seems really obvious! But, have you ever really imagined what it actually feels like to be your own boss?

Being your own boss means being available. Available for your kids, available for coffee with friends, available to book a holiday any time of the year that you want. It doesn’t matter if your kids get sick and have to stay home; you just care for them because they need you, and no one is going to make you feel guilty about that.

Book appointments when you like, or take the afternoon off to celebrate a win.

It’s all up to you, because you’re the boss.

4. You will have success, but you’ll also have setbacks.

Nothing worth doing is ever going to be easy, and building an incredible business is going to mean you’ll feel every single emotion under the sun. Even though the setbacks suck, they serve a purpose beyond just the old ‘I learned a thousand ways not to make a lightbulb’ adage.

It means you’re really living, and striving, and trying, and learning, and becoming stronger. You’re gunning for something bigger and better and more amazing than you could ever have achieved in a 9-5. Being your own boss takes guts and determination, and the ability to keep going when you stumble, but the reward for yourself and your business is so, so worth it.

5. And finally… you will never wear real pants again.

Prepare yourself girls. Prepare for your new ‘work’ uniform: pyjama pants, tracksuit pants, yoga pants, basically anything with a comfy, stretchy waistband. Zips and buttons? Nope, they’re just for times when real-life people will actually see you.

You’ll make professional phone calls wearing leggings with a massive hole that stretches across your thigh (personal experience). You’ll create inspirational social media posts while wearing your saggy undies and bra on a hot day (yep, done that too).

I mean, really, clothes are just generally optional when you work from home. And that’s not a bad little bonus.

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