Top 10 Time Saving Tips for Mumpreneurs

by | Nov 11, 2018 | Mumpreneur

Being a mum means there’s almost no time in the day, add running your own business to that and things can get out of hand… fast!  I’m sure I’m not the only one who has faced a mountain of laundry, prep for a school party, three looming deadlines, and then wondered how on earth it could all be accomplished.  After more than a few days like that, I decided things needed to change and I came up with some ways to make my life more manageable.

Hope they help you find some more time in your day too.

1. Timer on for 15 minutes

Now Go! Amazing what you can get done when there’s a deadline. You can apply this to your Goddess Domestic Duties or to that work thing you are procrastinating over. I find making a pile for action NOW and action LATER works well.

2. Focus on what truly matters

Can that pile of washing wait till later?  Does that bed really need to get made right now? Yes, it can frustrate me immensely seeing it not done but it’s not going to pay my bills either.

3. Create a positive emotional environment

Can I hear you say ‘how do you do that?’ Well, this is what I do each morning: I drop my three kids to school (yes I still walk them to the classroom and get my hugs goodbye, bit of a softy, I’m afraid).  I come home, sigh at the mess, and put on my favourite tunes. Get that 15 minute timer on, quick tidy up, washing on, put kids readers on the bench (so we don’t forget to do them later), put kids pajamas out, and have things ready for their showers. I then make myself a shake or coffee and walk into my office. I feel a sense of accomplishment and I’m ready to focus on work. This is pretty much my routine every school morning.  It creates flow in my day and I can think more clearly, be more productive, and help more people.

4. Multitasking is great but it also can be a hindrance

Yes I multi task and my seven year old tells me she does too! But sometimes we stop/start so many things, nothing ends up getting done. I find I can multitask well when it comes to housework and the kids. However, when it comes to work, being focused on one task at a time ends up saving on time.

5. Set your day/week up for success

Whether you use an electronic calendar or a paper one, writing down, scheduling, and sticking to your plans is so important. And the secret to success in that department is allowing enough time for your appointments, phone calls, assignments, deliverables, customer care etc. There is nothing worse than chasing your tail throughout the day because you didn’t allocate enough time.

6. Make time for you

Whether it’s a coffee, lunch break, or doing a workout, allocating time for yourself is a must. If you don’t care for your mental health, everything dissolves and you achieve very little. I know if I don’t do a bit of morning yoga or take time for a cuppa, I feel like everybody is wanting my attention and I just get tired and crabby. We all need to do something each day for ourselves whether it is big or small. It clears your mind and in the long run helps you to be more productive.

7  Get your kids to help out

My kids are 15, seven, and six. I get them to help out where they can. It teaches them responsibility and a great work ethic. Here some examples of what they help out with.

Six and seven year olds – make beds, put dirty clothes in washing basket, shoes and school bag in garage, message folder on bench, unpack lunch box and drink bottle, sweep the floor, water the outdoor plants, unpack the dishwasher.

My 15 year old is a Godsend and helps out a lot. However, she is home late from dance each night. But I taught her the above things at a young age and gave her responsibilities. I jokingly say she can run the house better than my husband!  But it’s true, she can. Runs circles around him.

8. Pockets of Time

I sometimes work when the kids are in bed. I get so much done in this time. The house is quiet and it’s the perfect time to finish off those little bits you may have not quite accomplished and allows you to prepare for the next day.

9. Get the important things done early

Pick the top two to three things that need to be accomplished and get them done first. Sometimes we leave them till last and we can end up running out of steam, time, or the school calls and you’re left with unfinished work and ALL the stress. The other things can wait till the next day or you can delegate to someone else.

10. Learn to say NO

We get numerous requests throughout our day, and all of them are demands on our precious time. If we always say “yes” we end up giving it away. If those requests aren’t in line with your priorities, then you are usually biting off more than you can chew. So learn to say “no” when needed. Yes, it can feel uncomfortable because we don’t like to let people down and we can feel guilty. But you shouldn’t! Your family comes first and sometimes that means making time for your business.  All mums these days are under pressure, so they’ll understand.

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