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To  inspire Mums to live their best life.
You deserve to have a healthy body, mind and spirit.
We’re here to help!
And what about a more fulfilling family life and support to kick your career goals?
We’re here for that too.
Join a community of supportive like-minded women and build real friendships
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Latest Stories

When you’re grieving on Mother’s Day

  The hardest day of my life was the day I become a mother.The start of motherhood comes in so many forms for us all and for some of us, our journey into motherhood is the most terrifying experience we’ll ever face. Hearing and seeing the words ‘Happy Mother’s Day’...

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Why does my body feel worse when I eat better?

“If kale is supposed to be sooooo good, why do I feel like garbage now that I’m eating it?!” (said dieting women everywhere). I LOVE this subject, because when you dig into it, you start to see how incredibly adaptable and super smart our bodies actually are. Here’s...

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Thermomix Apricot and Coconut Balls

  These apricots balls are extremely nutritious, kids love them as so will you. They can be stored in an airtight container for up to  a week in the refrigerator. Ready in 10 minutes Makes 10-15 balls Ingredients: 50g almonds 200g dried apricots 1 tbs orange juice 2...

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Dairy-free Coconut Rough

  Who remembers the old school coconut rough wrapped in gold foil growing up? Well this super quick and easy gluten and dairy free version will definitely satisfy the strongest chocolate craving. If you love simple but delicious recipes this slice is a MUST and will...

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